our people

At TWP Packaging we have never believed we need badges to highlight our policy of investment in people and the development of long term partnerships with customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders.

People are the very lifeblood of TWP and it is they who are responsible for keeping us in the lead position we enjoy in today’s market place.

  • Our people policy is fully integrated into all business operations. Our continued success in the market and the growth of the company year on year is a clear indicator that we have always placed a huge investment in the people and stakeholders of TWP Packaging Ltd.
  • We pride ourselves on the key belief that our people are indeed our strength and without them we are nothing.
  • All TWP staff from shop floor teams to the management team go through a continuous cycle of training and updating.

seeking employment with twp?

If you wish to consider employment with TWP we have a comprehensive induction programme that ensures you are quickly able to reach optimum effectiveness within your assigned job role. For more detail use the contact details below.

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