manufacturing controls

control software systems

TWP has developed its manufacturing control software systems over the years to the high sophisticated level they are now. Our MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system provides many benefits to our customers and TWP itself.  This has enabled the company to grow and compete aggressively within a turbulent marketplace.  The following are the benefits derived from the technological control of our manufacturing capability:

control benefits

  • Manage complexity.
  • Lower stock levels.
  • Reduced working capital.
  • Smoother process flow.
  • Less interruptions.
  • Improved supply chain processes.

material requirements planning (mrp)

MRP is our ‘black box’ that takes in information on finished goods, raw materials, customer demand and stock levels to determine what is required and when.  TWP set planning parameters such as forecasts, lead times, safety stocks, bills of material etc which are reviewed regularly to ensure the best suggestions are given by the MRP system.

These suggestions are then acted on to ensure the correct raw materials are available at the right time, feeding into production and then subsequently producing pallets in time to meet our customers’ demands.

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