meeting the demands of ISPM15

We have been delighted that for a number of years we have offered ISPM15 approved products that ensure our customers can transport good across international boundaries without breaching phytosanitary regulations.

Our extensive Kiln Facilities enable us to deal effectively with the critical demands of ISPM15.  The facility with over £1 million invested operates around the clock to meet customer needs for approved  pallets and packing cases.

process capacity

Our Kilns provide a significant advantage. We are able to:

  • process 4 million pallets and packing case heat treatments per year.
  • provide heat treatments 24-7 & 365 days per year.

Apart from our main products we specialise in container battens, wedges and dunnage for worldwide export.

contact us

For any queries in meeting your need, or a request for a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us as follows: