other products

We have always believed that it is necessary to have a comprehensive product range that is supplemented by complimentary products, or services, such as the ones detailed below.

potato boxes

The introduction of potato boxes has been a natural development at TWP, particularly as wooden potato storage boxes naturally integrate with our production capability and workforce skill sets.

recovered and repaired pallets

We offer with our partners RPS a service whereby we uplift your pallets, sort and repair as necessary. The benefit of this service is that we are able to deliver the repaired pallets back into circulation at a considerably reduced price. If the pallet is beyond repair it is scrapped and environmentally dealt with.

corrugated packaging

We are also able to offer truly innovative corrugated packaging solutions.  What may be a challenge to some suppliers is just a means of ensuring customer delight to TWP Packaging.

plastic pallets

Strict Regulation in the storage and movement of some goods is very evident.  This pallet product, made of reclaimed material, is in fact the demanded answer to the requirements laid down by the European Standard 94/62/EG for Packaging Material and Packaging Waste.

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